Welcome to the Canton of Peridot Isle! We're a chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism located on what is mundanely known as the Island of Kauai in the Hawaiian Islands. 

Fighter Practices/Armoring Workshop

These tend to be held every Saturday at Wailua Homesteads Park starting at noon and will go as late at 5pm. We are currently not doing any actual combat as we have not finished our marshal training but we do unarmed, unarmored footwork drills, "stickyhands" and other exercises as well as work on our armor.

Monthly Arts and Sciences Workshops

These are held every month at various locations and times depending on participant availability. The following month's class topic and host is determined at the close of each meeting.
  • July: Coin striking and die making at Wailua Homesteads Park, Lord Tuathal teaching
  • August: Indigo Dying in Hanalei, Mistress Raven teaching
  • September: Setting up a limited thrown weapons and archery range at Laura and Rocky's new residence.
  • October: More indigo dying in Hanalei, Mistress Raven teaching

Monthly Business Meetings

These are generally held every month on the same date as and at public locations near the A&S workshops.

October's meeting will be at the Hanalei Beach pavilion on the 20th.

Past Events

June 9th, Their Excellencies Baron Yon Von and Baroness Ta'allia came to visit and welcome our newcomers to the barony. Photos can be found on our facebook group.

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